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Educational material

This page contains in the free access the necessary knowledge for massage therapists, instructors-methodologists of exercise therapy and AFC, physical rehabilitation therapists.


Human anatomy is one of the most interesting and demanded scientific areas of our time. Despite its centuries-old history, human anatomy still keeps a huge amount of secrets and secrets.


The human body is a complex mechanism that consists of a huge number of parts and elements. Each of the "spare parts" is unique and unrepeatable.


The processes of metabolism, growth, and self-reproduction are only the consequences of global changes that occur in the human body throughout life. The study and research of human anatomy is carried out in a wide variety of angles.

The online atlas includes anatomical descriptions of our body movements, structural features and physiology of bones and muscles, and complete information about the joints. The visual clarity of illustrations will facilitate the interpretation of the information, and with a wealth of factual material from authoritative sources, the online atlas can claim a high degree of data accuracy.

Анатомия человека для студентов курсов массажа в Санкт-Петербурге
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