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Club of graduates of massage courses of professor A.V. Shevtsova

Тренинги совершенствования
по оздоровительному и спортивному массажу

Cost - 2 500 rubles 

1 october

Воскресенье - 12:00-18:00

Передняя поверхность

The most important stage after the massage courses is to bring the masseur's performance skills to the ideal level. And this is achieved exclusively through systematic training and regular practice. The massage method will be especially effective for your clients if each technique is performed with high quality in the sessions with a layer-by-layer study of all muscles and muscle groups. It is very important to keep all the techniques in the massage technique and perform them in the correct sequence. And


Of particular value is the practice under the guidance of the second massage techniques, Professor Anatoly Shevtsov.  


Practical trainings will be held in one lesson format. During the training, you will perform and receive massage. Gradually, you will bring the level of massage manipulations and the entire massage session to an elite one. Practical trainings will give you the opportunity to rise to the heights of professional excellence while receiving truly high-quality and correctly performed massages.

Outcomes of alumni club meetings

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