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Occipital-frontal muscle

Occipitofrontal muscle (m. Occipitofrontalis) -   muscle is closely related to the concept of "scalp".

In its structure, the frontal abdomen in front and the occipital abdomen in the back, the tendon helmet are distinguished.

The frontal abdomen covers the forehead and attaches to the skin at the level of the brow ridges.

  • Start  - eyebrow skin;

  • Attachment  - tendon helmet;

  • Innervation  - facial nerve (VII);

  • Function  - wrinkles his forehead, raises his eyebrows.

The occipital abdomen is smaller than the frontal abdomen and starts from the occipital bone.

  • Start  - the lateral part of the superior nuchal line of the occipital bone and the mastoid process of the temporal bone;

  • Attachment  - tendon helmet;

  • Innervation  - facial nerve (VII);

  • Function  - pulls the scalp back.

The occipital frontalis muscle can push the scalp back to form transverse folds in the forehead.

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